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    Team Training

    Our coaching staff consists of former high performance athletes who understand not only the kind of training required to maximize athletic abilities, but also the intensity required to motivate themselves to move out of their comfort zone.

    Athletic Academy can customize your team training program to meet the specific demands of your sport and the specific needs of your team. We can also plan a team training program to increase the performance of your team in these multiple crucial elements

    Psychological strength
    Team chemistry
    We offer 60 or 90 minutes of team training that can be done at our center or a rental location. We also offer a team reduction for your athletes to participate in our strength and speed training throughout the year.

    For more information or details on how to customize the training program that meets the specific needs of your team, contact us at [email protected]

    Training Options for Schools

    Athletic Academy can offer your school a variety of health and fitness related activities that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your school. The goal of these programs is to keep your students active by showing them the importance of establishing a good lifestyle.

    Our programs include:

    Adapted sports games
    Organized games
    Adapted training routines
    Health and Nutrition Workshops
    In addition, we offer options that include motivational speeches that cover the most solicited topics in schools.

    Hard work and pursue of your dreams
    The importance of school
    Make good decisions and think critically
    Athletic Academy offers half-days or full days of activities that will keep your students engaged by having a positive fitness experience.

    We have the team and equipment required to work with both a small group and your entire school.

    For more information or details on how to customize the training program that meets the specific needs of your school, contact us at [email protected]

    Corporate Training

    Athletic Academy can take any space and create fun and challenging workouts that are easy to adapt for all levels. We keep you in a positive and welcoming environment, which brings a team and family atmosphere. This encourages everyone to maintain their training routines and others to join the group, creating a healthier and warmer team and workplace.

    Athletic Academy can offer your company multiple options to keep your employees healthy and in the best fit possible;

    • Group training options (location to be determined)
    • On-site private group coaching options
    • Discount packages for your group
    • Team Building Activities
    • Workshops on health, well-being and motivation

    We offer the option of 45 or 60 minutes of group training that can be done privately in our training center or on a rental location. In addition, we offer a discount on our memberships in our gym for your employees.

    For more information or details on how to customize the training program that meets the specific needs of your company, contact us at [email protected]

    Private/Semi-Private Training

    Athletic Academy is a private training center specializing in private and semi-private training programs. We limit the general access to our facilities in order to allow our coaches to offer the best possible service during our private and semi-private training sessions.
    Each goal can be reached faster with the help of a private trainer.
    Starting with a personal assessment, our coaches will meet you to identify and define your personal goals:
    1. Weight loss
    2. Mass gain
    3. Increased performance
    4. Technical improvements and more
    Our coach will then accompany you through a series of physical tests and assessments that will help identify problems that may not help your progress and require correction. Once your coach has this information, he or she will plan an effective coaching strategy for lasting results.

    Nothing is more motivating than having a friend to keep you focused on your training and goals. We offer semi-private training packages for 2 and 3 people that reduce the cost per person and provide additional support each time, allowing you to achieve your goals more easily and cheaply.
    We can also provide semi-private group training options for up to 5 people at the same time

    Contact us to learn more about our different private, semi-private and small group training programs.
    Together, we can achieve any goal!

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