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    6 week challenge

    Different options : 

    70$ + tx for 2 class per week (12 sessions)
    99$ + tx for 3 class per week (18 sessions)
    125$ + tx for 4 class per week (24 sessions)

    *Membership expires after 6 week.

    Includes :

    • Pre and Post meeting with trainer
    • Pre and Post Photo
    • Pre and Post weight in
    • Nutrition guide for the 6 week
    • Special promotions and discount


    Need a new challenge?

    Athletic Academy offers you BOOTCAMP style group classes at our training facility!
    The objective of this class is to help weight loss while improving your physical condition and cardio. By completing this interval type training, your body continues to burn calories even when you are done!

    This group class offers a unique training combining bodyweight exercises and basic lifting mouvements.
    Making sure you have fun while doing it, our team will give you a workout that will work your whole body.


    Our AAfit class was created to increase your general ”fitness”. This means this class will be a mix of cardio, mobility and weight lifting. The goal of this class is also to help balance your different athletic qualities.

    While keeping a steady frequency to help with weight loss, this class will give you a whole new challenge. All the classes will be different, and a specific programming will be built for each class.

    Intro to Yoga

    Athletic Academy is now proud to have a Introduction to Yoga class!

    With the objective to learn the basic movements while getting a good workout.
    The introduction to yoga class is the perfect completion to your training schedule. This class is open to everyone and we recommend it to all our athletes who wants to build mobility and flexibility!

    Ready to change your life?

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