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    Our ATHLETIX classes are offered to all athletes, from all sports and from all levels.
    From the age of 13, you can take advantage of our courses available 5 days a week!

    Each training will have a different theme: Speed, Explosion, Power, Agility, etc.
    In fact, these courses will be perfect no matter the time of the year to help you achieve your goals!

    Prices :
    Class card :
    12 classes  – $ 150 + taxes
    25 classes – $ 275 + taxes

    Unlimited memberships
    1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months available
    **Unlimited membership includes OPEN GYM
    **Unlimited membership includes a training program (Advanced Athlete or Elite Athlete)

    The ADVANCED ATHLETE (16+) training program is perfect for an athlete who has some training experience but wants to achieve new levels in their sport and in the weight room.
    Created for athletes 16 and older our elite training programs have several different sections that are designed to help all athletes from all sports become bigger faster and stronger without losing their flexibility, athleticism, or agility.

    The ELITE ATHLETE (17+) training program is design for the athlete who has a good background in training and that is looking to had some olympic lifting in his training. This program will bring you to the next level in the weight room.

    AthletiX jr

    Athletic Academy offers AthletiX jr classes for children as young as 8 years old.
    These classes are designed to increasing sports specific performance while limiting potential injuries by improving movement patterns no matter what sport they play.
    Even if they do not play a sport this is the perfect way to get them off the couch and to establish an active lifestyle in a fun positive environment.

    Starting with the basics our AthletiX jr classes become more challenging every week building a stronger more confident athlete who will perform better come game time, and have more confidence in everyday life.

    Prices :
    Class card :
    12 classes  – $ 100 + taxes
    25 classes – $ 200 + taxes

    Unlimited memberships
    1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months available

    Specialized training programs

    Our coaches are also available for you to create a personalized training program for your specific goals. Whether it’s to do at our training center or at your own gym, we can create a specialized training program for 6 weeks or 12 weeks.

    No matter your sport and level, make an appointment with one of our coaches: [email protected]

    Intro to lifting (13+)

    This program teaches fundamental movement patterns and basic weight lifting techniques without putting any weight on their back. The goal is to increase a young athlete’s ability to produce force, and do so as fast as possible.
    Agility and conditioning are cornerstones to becoming a great athlete, but so are strength and power. You could have the agility to stop on a dime to change direction, but if you do not have the power to accelerate in this new direction you will be left standing still on any playing field.
    Every athlete in this program receives their own training program and is responsible to track their progress allowing them to work independently in the gym while under the supervision of one of our trainers.
    Developing a proper training routine and habits are crucial in the advancement of any athlete and becomes a requirement as they get to higher levels of sports.

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